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sheela_pradhanang2 Shila Pradhanang
Campus Chief
Public Youth Campus
Office Tel: 4251207
  April 1st, 2012
Messege From Campus Chief

 I’m delighted and felt proud that I have got the responsibility of this Campus. I have very intimate relationship with this campus because I was a also one of the ex-student of this campus. When I think about this campus that time I felt that I need to do something for this campus for the betterment. After my entering into the teaching profession from PN Campus and when I got chance to transfer from Pokhara to Kathmandu, I had selected this campus to continue my profession because of my heartfelt affection with campus.  Now today’s situation had given me the opportunity to contribute something that will enhance our college. We definitely need to work harder for betterment of our college. I strongly believe that we must make our student must be competitive and they must feel proud legacy that they had studied in this campus. For this we need to work together with all faculty members and all administrative staffs to make our student very capable and competitive in this competitive and challenging world. I strongly believe that we need to be capable to introduce and run the all the management related programme of TU, such as BBA, BIM, BTTM, BHM, MBA and so on. I expect all the faculty members and administrative staffs and students will cooperate fully with me to achieve this goal. Because these three stakeholders faculty members, administrative staffs and student are needed to work together with full cooperation to achieve our common goal.

Thank You.


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